Brand Identity & Creative Design Services in Kampala & Uganda

RIFA DESIGN mixes smart planning with cool design to offer branding services that create a special brand look that people really want to be a part of.

Expert branding services that build trust

Your brand is like a super important tool to make people trust you. If you want lots of people to know about it, your brand has to stand out.

We work closely with your important team members to make sure your brand shows exactly what your business is all about. Our branding services include important things like where your brand fits, how it looks, and even how it talks. We start by figuring out everything we need to know and end up giving you the key things your business needs to be really noticed.

What makes us good at it…

Unique Proposition

We’re going to do some workshops to help your business figure out one really important thing that makes it special. We’ll then use that as the basis for anything creative we do, like making your website awesome.

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Visual Identity

After learning a bunch of cool stuff about your brand, our designers will come up with a few ideas for how it should look. These ideas will show what you’re all about and make you different from other similar things.

Tone of Voice

Having a special way of talking helps brands gain trust and be easily remembered by people. We’ll work with your important team members to come up with a way of talking that connects with your customers and makes them want to do something.

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As your special branding services team, we don’t just make things look good; we think carefully and have reasons for everything we create. We’ll show you our cool ideas in a way that makes sense, so you can choose what’s best for your business. If you have any questions about how we make brands look awesome in Kampala and beyond, just send us a message.

Branding Workflow

This explains the steps we usually take to make a brand, starting from the first meeting to the finished set of rules for how everything should look and feel.

Visual Identity concepts doc / Presentation to Stakeholders

Develop chosen concept route + design system

Finalize visual identity & design system

Featured Projects


We crafted a beautiful and vibrant website for shopMutwalo, a startup dropshipping online store operating in Uganda.

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We delivered an ultra flexible platform to meet the needs of this NGO in the UK that helps Older Black people in Manchester and beyond.

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Mali Store

We took on the challenge of creating the new website for Mali Store, a booming fashion brand pioneer in Uganda.

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A versatile brand guidebook for your teams.

A brand book is like a rulebook for your business. It tells everyone how we talk and what things should look like, so your teams can make the brand look and sound cool.

After we decide on the cool ideas, we’ll give you a document called Brand Guidelines. It has all the cool stuff you need to be awesome on your website, emails, social media—anywhere your brand shows up online.

This will be your go-to guide for your brand, whether you work with us at RIFA DESIGN or another branding team in Kampala, Entebbe, or anywhere else.

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