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With more than ten years of experience, RIFA DESIGN creates special WordPress websites that attract customers and are easy for your teams to use.

WordPress websites custom to your brand

We’re really good at website design using WordPress, and we make custom websites that are quick, flexible, and safe.

Our team at RIFA DESIGN loves being creative and putting a lot of effort into every project. We focus on website design that really helps our clients. We don’t use ready-made solutions or quick tricks; instead, we make special websites that match what your business needs and talk to the people you want to reach.

Even though each WordPress site is unique, they all have one thing in common: simplicity. WordPress is made to be easy, so your team can easily add and change things, create new pages, and edit pictures without any trouble.

What makes us so good at it…

API Intergrations

We’ll assist you in linking your website to almost any other app using standard or custom connections, making sure information can easily go back and forth for a seamless online experience.

wordpress api integrations


Whether your business is known everywhere or growing to new places around the world, you can trust RIFA DESIGN to make WordPress websites that work in different languages and fit each location perfectly.


With WordPress Multi Site, you can manage many websites from one dashboard. Whether you already have lots of different parts to your business or just started a new one, our WordPress web design services will make sure all your websites look the same and have the same style.



While we’re making your website, we’ll have someone in charge of the project who you can always talk to. We’ll also teach your team how to use it. Once live, we give a 30 day guarantee to make sure you’re 100% happy with how it’s working.

Website Workflow

This explains the steps we usually take to make a website, starting from the first meeting to the day we make it live.

Featured Projects


We crafted a beautiful and vibrant website for shopMutwalo, a startup dropshipping online store operating in Uganda.

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We delivered an ultra flexible platform to meet the needs of this NGO in the UK that helps Older Black people in Manchester and beyond.

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Mali Store

We took on the challenge of creating the new website for Mali Store, a booming fashion brand pioneer in Uganda.

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Post-launch support with WebCare.

We understand that making a new website is just the start. That’s why we have WebCare with our WordPress services. WebCare is like a teamwork plan that helps your marketing team keep your website working really well.

It’s not just about fixing things and keeping it safe, but also about giving you important information to make your website even better.

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