Results-driven Online Marketing Services in Kampala & Uganda

Our super successful marketing pros, who have won awards, create online campaigns that really grab people’s attention and make them take action.

Smart campaigns that cut across

Standing out and being remembered by the right people is like creating a special kind of art. You need to really know who you’re talking to, make things look cool, and have interesting stuff to say to get the results you want.

We’re experts at making creative ads, and we do this by creating attention-grabbing content for our clients through emails and paid ads. Our way of doing things mixes smart planning and cool design. We use the creative talents of our team and our marketing smarts to make ads that make a real impact on important business things.

Whether we work together just once or for a long time, RIFA DESIGN makes brands more noticeable, gets people more involved, and brings in better-quality leads.

What makes us good at it…

Innovative Campaigns

We make cool designs, videos with moving pictures, and social media posts that are just right for your business. These things we create online really connect with your customers and stay in their minds.

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Emails & Workflows

Our designers and digital marketing experts work together to send emails for your business. We think of ideas, make things look cool, write the emails, and manage how everything works.

Social Media Management

We help our clients talk to their audience with interesting stuff that makes sense to them. First, we make a plan for how to use social media that matches your goals. Then, every day, we handle your social media accounts to get more people interested and make them do what you want them to do.

Social Media Marketing services - rifa design uganda
digital marketing services by rifa design


We’re really good at making and fixing websites, so we can help make yours look better and work well for search engines. We also create special pages for emails and ads as part of our online marketing services.

Featured Projects


We crafted a beautiful and vibrant website for shopMutwalo, a startup dropshipping online store operating in Uganda.

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We delivered an ultra flexible platform to meet the needs of this NGO in the UK that helps Older Black people in Manchester and beyond.

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Mali Store

We took on the challenge of creating the new website for Mali Store, a booming fashion brand pioneer in Uganda.

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Exclusive assistance for your brand and design.

Things change, and so do brands. If you’ve got new stuff, changed what you do, or just want to make your brand look better, the smart people at RIFA DESIGN can help. We’ll come up with cool ideas and designs, and together we’ll go on a journey to make your brand more interesting to the people who care.

If you have any questions about how we do this in Kampala or Entebbe, just send us a message.

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